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With our relationships in the automobile industry if we don’t offer the service, we can point you in the direction that does.


Here at Hicks Management & Consulting we have been in the automobile business since 1986. In that time period we have done more dealership transactions than any other broker in the United States. Feel free to look at our transactions page above to prove it. Ben Hicks has done some of the biggest buy/sells of dealerships in the world.

Our staff has dealt with the smallest of tasks, such as selling of cars, to the giant responsibility of selling a entire dealership. We have been on the cutting edge of all the industry leaders to aid them in their growth into mega dealers or their IPO’s. We would like to help your business grow whether it is buying or selling, or just needing another set of eyes to make sure your running smoothly.

We are here to serve you. Let us help in your success.

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